Trade Copier

We have developed the most advanced bespoke trade copying solution available to traders today. The product has been created by our in-house team of software engineers, experienced in the markets, to enable trades to be copied instantly onto any number of slave accounts, and offers a viable alternative to a broker MAM.

Suitable for individuals, signal providers, money managers or brokers looking to distribute trades, accounts can be linked in a matter of minutes. Rich analytical functionality is provided and thanks to our fully hosted model, there is no software to install or hidden costs. White label branding of the portal can also be provided.

To get further details and pricing, please contact us either below or on live chat and a member of our sales team will assist you within two business hours.


Our ultra-low latency trade copier is the fastest in the market. We have revolutionised how conventional trade copiers operate by pushing trades to the slave accounts rather than waiting for them to poll; this has resulted in average internal latency of less than 0.01 seconds. Through our strategic data centre placement and low latency connections to key financial centres, you will not find a faster trade copier.


We provide our trade copier as a fully hosted service. This means that there is no software for you or your clients to install, and there is no requirement to run a VPS or keep a PC running. This also means that our costs are completely upfront and there are no hidden costs. Having the accounts hosted in our environment also affords the benefits of our low latency connections our 24 hour support team to keep you connected.


We support any broker who provides the MT4 platform. We do have a number of preferred brokers who we work closely with and have low-latency connections to, but currently our client base is trading with over two hundred different brokers. Your clients do not all have to be on the same broker; our software is able to translate your trades across the globe instantly.


Our trade copier service provides the widest range of options for when it comes to risk management. Clients can choose from four different positioning sizing algorithms to ensure that they are getting exactly the position size they desire. As a master trader you are able to restrict these options if required to ensure that your clients are using the model most suitable for your strategy.


The entire portal has white-label and reseller functionality built into its core. Through our white-label portal offering you can brand and shape the customer experience to match your corporate brand with all support provided by 4X Solutions, but posing as a member of your team. As the owner of the portal you will get an administrative login and be kept fully up to date with regards to new orders and support incidents. This service is used by a number of brokers globally to offer our services but with their branding


We provide 24 hour support during market hours, and emergency support outside of these; you can reach us via email, ticket, live chat or telephone. All of our support staff are native English speakers and are directly employed by 4X Solutions; this means that you are going to get through to someone who understands our product and can help you straight away. Our average ticket response time is less than 4 minutes and we have a 95%+ first call resolution rate.