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4X Solutions is the industry’s leading technology provider brokers and traders use to copy & execute trades, manage risk, and increase profits.

About Us

4X Solutions is a leading global technology service provider for the financial services sector. Its pioneering approach and a solid reputation for service and performance has enabled it to attract tens of thousands of clients from around the world since its launch in 2008.

Based in the UK and US with a worldwide presence, 4X Solutions has utilised its trading technology expertise to deliver high-quality services to support foreign exchange traders. These range from fully white labelled products for financial institutions to bespoke hosting and management solutions.

Revolutionary Technology Solutions

Traders are losing millions every day
70% of the market participants face losses due to poor execution.

Copy Trading Execution Latency

Bad Money & Risk Management

Infrastructure Downtime Lack of Technology Development or Innovation

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Instead of creating a carbon copy.

Award-Winning Copy Trading Technology

Blazingly Fast and Stable Infrastructure

Risk Management Powered
by Machine Learning

We are members of The Financial Commission

Financial Commission ensures that traders and brokers are getting their disputes resolved in a quick, efficient, unbiased and authentic manner while making sure they walk away with a well-founded answer, thus contributing to their overall knowledge about Forex and Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Certified

Trusted by The World’s Leading Brokers

Trusted by The World’s Leading Brokers

Simple, Transparent Pricing.

Plans scale with your growth from $5.33/account/month


As a broker, we needed a reliable trade copier service that our clients could use, as problems cost us money. We have been using 4X Solutions for over 8 years now for accounts ranging from $100 to $10m and found the overall service incredibly robust.

The team at 4X are simply the best. Always there to provide a quick helpful response and have even developed functionality for us! 

We represent one of the largest trading education organizations in the USA. Prior to launching our trade copy product, we did extensive research to ensure the application we chose could meet the needs of our users, regardless of location. We decided that 4XSolutions was the choice for us. Our initial requirement for launch was for 500 accounts which quickly grew to over 5,000 within a few months! 4XSolutions handled the growth flawlessly along with every technical update request as we grew.

Tried most of the copiers on the market, and yours is by far the quickest. Take profit and stop losses change so quickly I can’t even see it!