The Leading Forex Trade Copier

Integrate a best-in-class copy trading technology stack.

Cloud Hosted

Designed for accessibility, the 4X Solutions Trade Copier is hosted in the cloud, meaning that you and your clients have no software to install or VPS’s to maintain. You manage the service via an intuitive web-based control panel accessible from anywhere in the world. Our support engineers monitor the entire service ensuring no interruptions 24 x 5, to keep you trading fast and efficient.

High Performance

Since our first release, we have always upgraded our product with the best-in-class technology stack for more than ten years. The entire core runs in memory, facilitating lightning-quick trades with an internal latency of less than 1ms. We continuously monitor end to end execution performance, with fibre optic cross-connects established with popular brokers to reduce latency further

Broker Compatibility

Our technology allows us to support any broker globally, with over 1,200 servers currently in use. We also support the ability to copy between different brokers and accounts located within the USA, with specific configurations to cater to FIFO and hedging restrictions. Our support team can easily integrate new brokers in minutes.

Truly Scalable

Our systems have been built from the ground up for scale, having been tested live with more than 10,000 subscribers to a single trading strategy. Due to the innovative design, we can horizontally scale our solution to cater to more clients as and when required, seamlessly

Everything You Need to Deliver Results

Performance Billing

Calculate and charge client’s fees based on a percentage of their profits (high watermark model)

Stripe Integration

Automate the collection of fees for your service directly into your Stripe account.

White Label

Provide a fully customized and branded control panel to your clients.


All control panel functions are accessible via well-documented API.

24 x 5 Support

24-hour support during market hours, via email or live chat.

Automated Monitoring

Our systems monitor the entire system end to end 24 hours a day.

High-Frequency Trading

We have built our systems are to facilitate the instant execution of HFT strategies.

Predictable Pricing

Simple, per account, per month pricing with no additional trading volume fees.

Pending Order Support

Our solution copies both market orders and pending/limit orders.

Built for Risk Management


Choose four different money management algorithms, such as fixed lots and a range of percentage allocation methods.


Set an equity limit on each trading strategy to limit potential losses.


Define which currency pairs you wish to trade.


Every trading account can follow multiple trading strategies at no extra cost.

Join over 15,000 traders that trust us.